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Little Red's Most Unusual Day


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We are dedicated to community engagement. We are pleased to announce our current traveling show.


Opera Huntsville presents an operatic version of Little Red's Most Unusual Day.  An operatic version of the story of Little Red Riding Hood based on scenes from operas by J. Offenbach and G. Rossini.


Forest Ranger Dudley is too shy to ask Little Red’s mom, the widow Hood, to the Forest Ranger Ball. For that reason he leaves a written invitation in a basket of flowers outside Little Red’s house. Unfortunately for Dudley, the basket is delivered to Granny. Granny simply loves men, especially men in uniform. In the resulting confusion Dudley loses his pants, Granny kisses the Wolf, Mom gets impatient and Little Red gets in trouble. In fact, everyone experiences, in one way or another, a very, very unusual day.

This show is available to travel to you and your local organization, schools, libraries, etc. Send an email to  for more information! 

Josey Poppin Headshot.jpg

Josey Poppin 

Little Red 

Joshua Ross headshot.jpeg

Joshua Ross


Kenisha hill philips headshot.PNG

Kenisha Philips

Mom/ Granny

Wesley Caulkins Headshot.PNG

Wesley Caulkin

Mr. Big Bad

M Lighthall-Headshot.jpg

Micki Lighthall

Stage Manager

Stephen Sivley Headshot.jpg

Stephen Sivley

Collaborative Pianist

Sierra Hammond Head Shot.jpg

Sierra Hammond

Stage Director

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