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Opera Huntsville

Apprentice Program

Die Fledermaus.png
  • Louise Block

  • Danielle Debraccio

Apprentice Showcase Recital

Friday, April 14, 2023

6:00 pm

Master Class Clinitian: Dr. Shonda Devine

Purpose of the Apprentice Program: 

  • To educate performers in the greater Huntsville area on the nature of a professional operatic theatrical production

  • To create opportunities for talented vocalist to learn a complete operatic role

  • To cultivate training situations for performers to get to know more experienced performers

  • To expand and elevate the performance skills and expectations of local Huntsville musicians

  • To facilitate partnerships with local universities’ outstanding talent


Each fully staged production, Opera Huntsville (OH) will select up to four singers who live in the greater Huntsville area to serve as apprentices. These young artists will train to cover a role for the main production. Singers selected will be young in experience and not necessarily young in age. Selection of apprentices may occur through announced auditions or by recommendations from voice teachers, OH board members, or other local music representatives. There is no cost to the apprentice to take part in the apprentice program, and there are no costs to the apprentice to audition or apply for the role. 


As an apprentice, participants will be expected to learn the full role assigned. The role should be memorized and fully off-book, just as the principal performer. Also, apprentices will be guaranteed to serve in some capacity as an actor and/or singer on-stage during the production. Note, this may not be a performance of the actual role being apprenticed; instead, it may be as a staged ensemble member or in another capacity in order to showcase the apprentice’s skills on-stage during said production.


In addition, OH will provide one (1) vocal master class opportunity for the apprentice team and one (1) acting master class opportunity. These master classes will be advertised and open to the public to attend. It is the intention of OH to provide public education during the apprentice coaching experiences. Apprentices will also have the opportunity to perform at least one aria during the Opera Bytes program which falls closest to the production for which they apprentice. Note, an OH apprentice is a volunteer position that is without monetary remuneration.

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