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About Us

Opera Huntsville (formerly Encore Opera Huntsville) was founded in 2018 purely for the love of singing and opera. From that point, Opera Huntsville grew, and continues to grow. It is now an official 501(c)(3) organization, and it serves as the preeminent opera organization in the Greater Huntsville area. 


Mission Statement:

Opera Huntsville’s mission is to produce high-quality productions, to promote a curiosity and love for the operatic art form, and to educate the Northern Alabama community on the nature of opera.

Vision Statement:

Our vision is to grow into a full, professional opera company, and to continue to share our love of music with other musicians and the community.

Vision Goals:

- 60% of artists* hired by OH over an entire season are locally** based.
- To cultivate an exciting atmosphere rife with collaboration and networking for individuals across the business and artistic community.
- To educate the local** populace on the nature of opera and its range of expression, vocal lyricism, and marriage of multiple art forms.
- To pay a fair fee or wage to our performing artists.*
- To facilitate partnerships with local universities’ outstanding talent.
-To have our production process and the resulting performances set examples for how a positive and professional show should run.
- To cultivate an atmosphere of inclusivity, artistic integrity, learning, communication, and humility in our company.
- To educate young local** artists on the nature of professional theatrical productions through our apprentice program.
- To collaborate with the Huntsville city and other local** performing arts organizations to create entertainment for the visitors to and inhabitants of the greater Huntsville area.
- Integrate opera as a fundamental creative expression in the local** community
- Include a teaching component to the local** community at large about the social value of expression and impact that a successful company can have on culture and quality of life.

* "Artist" is defined as any person who is involved in the process of the production.
** "Local" is defined as the Tennessee Valley Area.



Erin Huelskamp Bohn
General and Artistic Director

Sierra Hammond
Production Manager

Kinesha Hill Phillips
General Manager  

Board Of Directors

Tina Martinson 


Handel Fraser


Shane Kennedy 


Brendan Desaulniers


Dr. Julie Moore- Foster


Olivia Friedman


Dr. Shonda Devine


Advisory Board

Lynn Broad

Aimee Fincher

Emily Stoddard

Michele Thomas

Brandie Sutton

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