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Goldie B. Locks

and the

Three Singing Bears

Madison Library 

Nov. 4 

3:00 pm

We are dedicated to community engagement. We are pleased to announce our current traveling show.


Opera Huntsville presents an operatic version of Goldie B. Locks and the Three Singing Bears.  An operatic version of the story of Goldilocks based on scenes from operas by W. A. Mozart and J. Offenbach.


Goldie B. Locks doesn’t just like bugs – she loves them. When a beautiful butterfly flutters off into the woods, she chases it, forgetting a promise made to her mom to stay close to home. Ending up lost and alone, Goldie B’s story unfolds much like the traditional Goldilocks, but with one important difference.

Whereas the original Goldilocks never actually meets The Three Bears (other than to be discovered and run away), operatic Goldie begins to interact with the Bear family early in the story. Trying to find her way home after eating soup that doesn’t belong to her, Goldie meets Peek, a little bear. Peek confides to Goldie that a sneaky robber snuck into his family’s house that very morning, licked his spoon and ate his soup. Goldie is horrified, for she knows, of course, that she’s the sneaky soup robber. What should she do? Should she risk getting in trouble by telling the truth? Should she be dishonest and hope to avoid being punished?

After a bit of trial and error, Goldie learns that honesty is always the best choice, and as Momma, Papa & Peek take their new friend home to her mother, Goldie resolves to tell the truth always, and whenever troubles make her sad, to share them with a trusted grownup, like a teacher, police officer, mom or dad.

This show is available to travel to you and your local organization, schools, libraries, etc. Send an email to  for more information! 

Kabrina Isabelle- Headshot.jpg

Kabrina Isabelle 

 Goldie B. Locks. 

Joshua Ross headshot.jpeg

Joshua Ross


Kenisha hill philips headshot.PNG

Kenisha Philips

Mama Bear

Josey Poppin Headshot.jpg

Josey Poppin

Papa Bear

M Lighthall-Headshot.jpg

Micki Lighthall

Stage Manager

Stephen Sivley Headshot.jpg

Stephen Sivley

Collaborative Pianist

Sierra Hammond Head Shot.jpg

Sierra Hammond

Stage Director

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